Come on in and play with us. Be sure to wear something you can get dirty in. Don’t worry, we’ll get you home before the streetlights come on… that’s if you want to.

Well little chickens, it’s time to revisit your inner child wonder. You know, that feeling when you first discovered what paint felt like on your fingers as you smeared it on a white paper canvass, begging to be coloured,  textured and dripped on for fun. And just for FUN.

Or maybe it was that A,B,C choo choo train that rode the top of your blackboard in your grade school class and the discovery that you could write a good story, that story which gave you a thrill that got the support and adulation of your classmates. Or that first great photograph you took from your first camera, the one you got for your birthday or that first drawing which was praised by those whom you respected and loved.

That’s what this blog is about. A way to get back to your inner kid. Not in a childish way but by using the genius of that ‘child like’ way… you know, before you became that wonderful ‘responsible’ adult that you’ve become.


Serendipity and your inner child

As a multi-media artist and previous student of both Art Psychotherapy and Expressive Art Therapies, the process which I will share with you is one that learned to ‘play with’ for the last several years.